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Title: A Friend
Summary: Sometimes a friend is all you need for motivation.
Author: RedheadDynamite (AKA - Paige Ogilvie)
Warnings: Talks of suicide
Pairing: It's a friendship fic; If you count a friendship pairing of Todd and Neil, than, there you go.
Author's Note: Took me a little while to write this. I'm Happy with it, for the most part. Hopefully, I'm still following the rules of posting FFs, I'll also post a copy to that website, which looks neato! Thanks again!Collapse )

X-Men // Charles and Erik Memories

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Title: This Is All A Dream, That's What I'll Be Singing
Character: Charlie Dalton
Rating: G-PG...I'm not sure...
Wordcount: 251
Disclaimer: I don't own Charlie or the rest of them sadly. Which also means I don't own the movie. Or the lyrics from the song End Of The World by Armor For Sleep. :[
Summary: Real life hadn’t visited him yet.

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Dead Poet Walking

Hey all!

ANNOUNCING: a brand new Dead Poets Society fanfiction archive: Dead Poet Walking.

A recent post on this community brought something to my attention: DPS fanfiction, while it is still being produced, is not centralized. It therefore makes it hard for readers, especially new readers, to find stories, and for writers to find an audience.

So, the goal is to get as much DPS fanfiction in one spot as possible. If you have a fic, please check us out and post it. We are in need of authors!